Welcome to the West of England & South Wales Airedale Terrier Club

This page aims to help point the Airedale Terrier owner in the right direction to get help and tuition for grooming their pet or new show dog.

The first port of call is the club's grooming and socialising classes. Here you will learn the art of hand stripping where experts and newcomers alike will show you how to get started. It's hard work to start with but don't get disheartened. We all had to start sometime.

This site will soon have the club's grooming guide available as a download in PDF format. In the meantime the following links will open websites which may be of help.

SlideShare.net this is a long slide show but worth a look.

This is part of a YouTube series.

Some simple instructions from dogbreeds.org.uk

Make sure you buy the best stripping tools you can afford. There's an old saying "buy cheap, buy twice" and this is very true when it come to stripping knives.