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There is an expectation that the breeder will satisfy the following terms an conditions before the club will accept an application to help them sell their puppies. Prospective purchasers should also note the terms and conditions under which breeders' advertisements are included on this site:

1. The breeder is a member of the Club already or will become a member and will pay their subscription at the appropriate time in future years. (This will be monitored and applications refused from regular non-active club members).

2. Litters are registered with the Kennel Club and relevant documents will be supplied to the new owner.

3. All breeding stock are screened under the British Veterinary Association / KC Hip Dysplasia scheme and if requested a copy of the certificate should be supplied to the new owner.

4. Breeders will properly house, feed, water and exercise all dogs in their care and arrange appropriate veterinary treatment as required.

5. Breeders will only sell puppies where there is a reasonable expectation of a permanent home and they will help with rehoming if this becomes necessary.

6. The breeder will supply dietary advice and guidance to the new owner.

7. Breeders will encourage membership of the Club.
Enquiries via the club from prospective buyers will be referred to the website, or details supplied by post to those who do not have access to the web.

8. Breeders will only breed from stock of good health and temperament.

9. Breeders will only sell and hand over puppies directly from their home establishment and buyers will be able to see the dam (notwithstanding any unfortunate event).

The right to refuse an application is reserved

For an application form contact the Hon' Secretary

email: info@airedaleclub.org.uk

or download the document in Word format click here.

Details will remain on the site for two months unless you advise us that all puppies are sold. If puppies are still unsold please let us know and they can be advertised for a further month.

The West of England and South Wales Airedale Terrier Club does not endorse or rate any of the breeders or their stock. Neither can they take any legal responsibility or provide any support for agreements entered into between a buyer and a breeder. No responsibility for quality, health or temperament or honesty is expressed or implied. The individuals must satisfy themselves as a purchaser and any guarantees or promises are between the buyer and seller.