Airedale Terrier RescueFortunately in our breed it is rare but sometimes an Airedale, often through no fault of its own, is in need of a new home.  It is worth being aware that there are usually more people wanting to offer a new home than dogs available and it is not intended for this service to replace the purchase of puppies from responsible breeders.

If you are in the sad position of having to re-home your Airedale for whatever reason, remember you should contact your breeder first as they may be able to help. An initial email would be helpful with details before I call you but if it is an emergency and the dog needs to be transferred elsewhere immediately call me on the number shown.

The club offers a home to home service. Contact details of possible suitable homes will be passed to those with an Airedale needing a change of situation.

The club rescue services are offered with no judgement or recrimination the only aim being to help an Airedale in need. W.E.S.W.A.T.C. can take no responsibility for the honesty of people needing to re-home their dog or for those offering a home.

If you are interested in offering a home to an Airedale, please email me at with comprehensive information about you and your circumstances, e.g. have you had an Airedale before? where is your location, your family and any working arrangements. Provide as much information as possible that will help me when making a decision who to contact if a re-home comes onto my list. 

Please note this is a voluntary service so please respect the notes detailed on this web page. Our main purpose is for Airedales in need of a new home in the South West and South Wales area but there are other clubs serving the rest of the country so please ask if you are unsure or visit

A donation towards Airedale rescue funds is always welcomed and we are very grateful to those who have done so in the past.