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2018 Open Show Results - Mark Village Hall Sunday 25nd February

Here we have the results of the WESWATC Open Show held on Sunday 25th February at Mark Village Hall.

This year's judge was Mr P Eardley.

Despite the lower than expected number of entries, the show was a resounding success.

Best in Show (BIS) and Best Bitch was Turner's JOKYL STAR STRUCK.

Reserve BIS and Reserve Best Bitch was Hacker and Jenkins' CRILLEE WHAT A CARRY ON AT SHERIFS.

Best Dog was Perry's JAYMITCH DAWN’S GOOD GUY.

Reserve Best Dog was Webber's SHERIFS RED HOT SHCM.

In the pet classes:

Best Mover was Roly.
The Dog the judge would Like to Take Home was Freddie.
Prettiest Bitch was Lexie.
Best Pet was Sam.

The usual delicious buffet was available (I know it's been said before but it's worth going just for that).

Photos of the show will follow shortly and our Facebook page will show further updates.

Photos courtesy of Alan Shellard

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